Choose the Barca Stores women's moccasins

Did someone say moccasins?
A spring must-have but also suitable for colder periods, moccasins will give a touch of class to your every look all year round!
Women's moccasins are famous for their comfort, to the point of forgetting to have them on your feet. If you think that comfort means not being fashionable, you are very wrong: you will find in our online shoe store a wide assortment of moccasin models for women which will make your head spin.
From python prints, to suede, from monochromatic leather to crocodile-effect prints, you will find many valid alternatives to classic sneakers or ballet flats.

Loafers: a symbol of comfort and elegance

Even the Indians of North America had perceived the usefulness and comfort of moccasins, we can even say that they are the inventors. In fact, they wrapped soft animal skins around their feet, almost as a second skin: comfortable and warm. It did not make their movements more difficult in simple daily activities, also not during their hunting trips.

The evolution of women's moccasins

From the handcrafted moccasins of the American Indians to the moccasins of Barca Stores, made with attention to the smallest details and entirely produced in Italy with first choice materials. Our assortment of shoes will allow you to find a pair of women’s moccasins, a perfect choice during hectic days and a valuable substitute for your hills.

And if you need to get ready for a relaxing boat trip, no problem! The boat moccasins are specially created with an anti-slip and the sole will not leave any traces on the deck, in other words you will not risk damaging or ruining the boat.
In our online shop you will find numerous models of fashionable and trendy boat moccasins. Once you have tried the moccasins, you will not be able to live without them.

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