Décolleté: the quintessential symbol of femininity

A timeless classic, a symbol of unparalleled elegance and femininity, we are talking about the décolleté. This shoe is one of the most loved by women, suitable for all seasons, it is certainly a must have accessory. On barcastores.com you can choose from numerous models of décolleté from those with plateaus, which give the shoe greater comfort, to décolleté with a wide or medium heel, also comfortable for long walks. For the most elegant and long evenings you can choose between shoes with stiletto heels or décolleté with ankle strap, simple and elegant. Another very popular model is certainly the chanel, available both with a wide or stiletto heel. But the décolleté is an extremely versatile shoe, in fact they are perfect to combine with a pair of jeans, to give a glamorous touch to your outfit, or with a suit for days at the office.

Décolleté shoes: a centuries-long history

A timeless model, which has lived for hundreds of years, the heel shoes have historically always had an indisputable charm. In the court of Marie Antoinette at Versailles the décolleté was depopulated among the nobles, but it was certainly not the décolleté we are used to today. Without heels, much more like ballet flats. At the end of the 1700s, different materials and types of paint were introduced, to the point that the décolleté became a purely feminine model of shoes. During the 30s of the 1900s, the décolleté reached dizzying heights. And during the 50s, the stiletto depopulated, at the time a low-heeled décolleté that combined elegance and comfort, necessary for the working women at the time . The evolution of these shoes has led to the décolleté as we know them today, in all their forms. On barcastores.com you will find many models of décolleté, from the classic black leather to the more spring-like nude décolleté, perfect to combine with white and pastel colors. What are you waiting for? Discover them all!

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